• Step 1

    Download and uncompress zip file.

    Step 2

    1. Batu.DicomCDWriter.dll dll file; to be copied in to plugins directory (if you installed to defaut "C:\Program Files\ClearCanvas\ClearCanvas Workstation\plugins")
    2. CdBurnerSetting.Xml config file to be compied in where your Clearcanvas desktop executable is installed. (Program root directory, if installed to default "C:\Program Files\ClearCanvas\ClearCanvas Workstation")

    Step 3

    Run ClearCanvas Workstation 2.0, and you will see a new button in explorer.
  • After CD Burner plug-in copied to Plugins directory during the initial study burn process you will see following message. Click OK button.

    Please copy serial number as needed for license request (demo or production)

    Please paste License Key (included in reply from ccaddons.com) to following screen and click Reqister button.

    Congratulations! Registration process is completed successfully.

    lDo not forget to renew your license before expire date. You will be warned last 5 days before expire date.

    Following screen shows unlicensed inactive plug-in.