• Solution Overview

    The CD/DVD Burner Plug-in for ClearCanvasis a product that provides disc burning capability to Open Source ClearCanvas Workstation 2.0 (a great DICOM Workstation)

    CD, DVD Discs

    Automatically packages selected studies on CD or DVD discs. Each of these discs allows you to store approximately 700MB or 4.7GB respectively. If your selection exceeds one disc capacity we'll ask for additional disc(s). (Archive Functionality)

    Saves Money

    CD's and DVD's are a cost-effective alternative to film. Most exams can easily fit on a single CD or DVD and each disc costs much less than a single piece of film. Most of studies requires more than one film.

    Simple to Use

    Discs can be created through the Intuitive User interface. Select one or more studies and click the "Burn Disc" button. Your technicians will not be busy with setting up film print layout or print, distribute workflow.

    Key Features:
    • Low cost alternative to duplicating films.
    • Intuitive User interface turns novices into experts in minutes.
    • Physicians have access to multiple studies on one single CD/DVD.
    • Automatically generates a DICOMDIR root file that is included in CD/DVD
    • Studies can be conveniently viewed from disc on a workstation using one or more DICOM viewers or specialized viewers of your choice.